OnePlus 11 5G Launch from New Delhi

OnePlus 11 5G Launch from New Delhi

So today has been a big day for OnePlus as they have been conducting their Launch event from New Delhi. Now that the event has wrapped up, we have much news to go through regarding what we saw that was expected and there were a few other teased details that have been clarified for us.

So let’s dive in for a look at what was talked about today: the big news, the phone release.

The OnePlus 11 5G.OnePlus 11 5G Launch from New Delhi

So this phone has hardly been the best-kept release since the Chinese variety was released quite a few weeks ago. The phone is every bit as good-looking as the one that i have seen teasers of since the Chinese release. However, the beauty of this phone is not only skin deep with some serious processing power under those sleek curves. The base spec will feature 8+128GB variant at £729 and 16+256GB variant £799. These are awesome prices that will surely shale the market up upon its release on the 16th Feb when it goes on sale on the website and Amazon.

Other than the awesome storage as shown above the phone features a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile platform and this brings the support of Ray tracing which is a feature normally found on Dedicated Graphics cards in large-scale Gaming PC’s and Laptops. This is a hardware-supported feature dynamic support for games that are designed to support this new feature. For those of you who are getting the phone and don’t want to have to wait to experience the effect of Ray Tracing Oneplus have you covered. By using the PhysRay app you will be able to experience what Ray tracing can do in Live wallpapers which will dynamically adapt to showcase. The two variants will both support LPDDR5X RAM for fast and efficient multitasking. In addition to that to further bolster the performance is RAm-Vita which is OnePlus’s own machine learning technology. This is a combination of CPU Bandwith acceleration, background application compression, AI Ram allocation and dedicated RAM assignment. all of this will work together to make the OnePlus 11 5G a beast when it comes to multitasking abilities. It will purportedly be able to keep 44 apps open all at the same time in the background without noticeable depreciation in the performance of apps functions.OnePlus 11 5G Launch from New Delhi

OnePlus are also pushing the performance over time side of things by ensuring that the phone will be kept up to date for a longer time than previously seen. The Oneplus 11 5G will receive 4 major Oxygen OS updates and 5 years of security updates. This means that the phone will be able to, in theory, run Android 17 when it lands in the much further future. The phone also received a TÜV SÜD 48-month Fluency Rating A for its long-term system fluency. Essentially this is stating that the performance of the phone should not degrade over time with regular use. This is becoming more and more important in these days of awakening about sustainability.

The other big draw of the Oneplus 11 5G device is the new Hasselblad co-developed Camera array. This array composes of 3 rear cameras that can work in concert or independently of each other. These raw camera sensors are supported by specially developed Hasselblad software and image processing. At the forefront of the camera is the 50MP IMX890 sensor, with a wide dynamic range and optical image stabilisation (OIS) this is sure to capture some excellently detailed images. The large MP sensor will allow for more light to be exposed meaning a brighter and sharper image even in low light, this is also going to be true for the video performance. The Ultra-wide camera is a 115° 48MP number which a 1/2″ sensor size that allows for steller wide angle shots using the Sony IMX581 sensor. the last camera in the rear module is the Portrait lens which is backed by an IMX709 32MP camera that has been designed and optimised to capture great portraits. All of these sensors come equipped with 6 Element lenses with the main camera supporting OIS and EIS alongside PDAF + CAF autofocus technologies.

OnePlus 11 5G Launch from New DelhiOf course, these cameras will also work for recording video as well and the video capabilities are what you would expect for a flagship-grade device. We have the following all available to us 8K video at 24 fps, 4K , 1080p and 720 video at 30/60 fps. For those who like to slow things down, you are covered as well with Super Slow Motion: 1080p video at240 fps, 720p video at 240/480 fps. Lastly, for those who like an artistic flair and don’t mind waiting then you have got Time-Lapse: 4K/1080p at 30 fps.

In addition to the standard video and camera modes, you would expect to see you also have the latest edition of TurboRaw HDR for the ultimate in HDR capture over a wide dynamic range. But it doesn’t end there as I mentioned this camera has been co-developed with Hasselblad. their input has been essential to the camera’s development and this is the 3rd year of this partnership. To mark this they are unveiling the new natural Colour Calibration with Hasselblad feature to deliver industry-leading colour science. Tie this together with a 13-channel multi-spectral sensor and light colour identification is greatly improved on the OnePlus 11 5G which should also result in this camera producing some great shots. Hasselblad has also considered the portrait shooters out there by integrating Hasselblad Portrait Mode which will give a near DSLR-like effect when used for close-up portraits. It is reported to give results similar to that of an Actual Hasselblad camera equipped with XCD 30mm and 65mm lenses. Some big claims it will be interesting to see the results in real life.

OnePlus 11 5G Launch from New DelhiUp front, we have a glorious crisp and vibrant looking 6.7″ 2k 120hz SuperFluid AMOLED display that is one of the first in the industry to utilise an LPTO 3.0 display. This has been self-developed to allow energy saving and adaptive refresh rates according to what is being displayed. The screen will happily sit at 1 Hz refresh when using the Always on Display and ramp up as and when needed ie for fast-moving games. The colours look crisp and vibrant without being overbearing. On the edges is a subtle curve to the display to make the feel of the phone fit inwit the User interface’s new “Aquamorphiic design” ethos. in the top corner is where the Selfie camera is buried away and this again is quite subtle and non-intrusive with the hole punch not being too large.

OnePlus 11 5G Launch from New DelhiAudio is something that has had a large focus from Oneplus for this phone and this ties in very nicely with another announced product from today but more on that later. We do of course have a front-facing speaker/earpiece right up at the top of the phone Which allows the phone to offer stereo speakers when used in combination with the bottom-firing unit. To help add to the immersion the speakers are being backed by Dolby Atmos in what OnPlus is calling Dual “Reality” Speakers. Fortunately, the audio effects on this phone don’t stop there as this is OnePlus’s first phone that supports Spatial Audio which i am very keen to check out in the near future. 

I have already mentioned that the phone now comes with an “Aquamorphic design” on the UI and this falls under the latest version of Oxygen os 13 which boost the AI function of the UI and will anticipate your actions as you are using the phone in effect learning what you do with the phone in your daily use and adapting to that as required. A big part of this is the Hyperboost Gaming Engine which, via a Machine learning GPa frame rate stabilisation technology will learn and adapt to your game-playing habits and techniques. I am not much of a gamer but i am keen to test these gaming claims as this seems to be not just a phone that is all about the camera.

OnePlus 11 5G Launch from New DelhiAs for the hardware this gorgeously designed phone and it must be said that although I was a little bit anxious when I saw the first picture of the camera bump on the rear I am now warming to it, especially in the glorious Eternal Green Colour which has a smooth finish and the Titan Black which leans more to the traditional Sandstone effect that OnePlus pioneered with the OnePlus 1 back in the day.

As I mentioned at the top of this post the OnePlus 11 5G will be available for sale on the 16th of Feb from 9am UK time at and Amazon. The device will retail at £729 for the 8+128GB variant and £799 for the 16+256GB variant. The Emerald Green variant will be exclusively available via Amazon for the 8GB+128GB for £729. If you are looking to get one and you are preordering as well then you will also receive a free gift in the form of either a Beosound A1 2nd Gen Bang & Olufsen Speaker or a pair of OnePlus Buds Pro 2 You can sign up to be notified of preorders opening here.

For more news on the other products that were released today then check out this companion article on

OnePlus Launches OnePlus 11 5G in New Delhi

OnePlus 11 5G is OnePlus’ latest flagship, giving users an extremely fast and smooth experience, effortless imaging, and modern elegance design.

February 7, 2023 – Leading technology brand OnePlus today officially launched its latest smartphone, OnePlus 11 5G, at GMR Grounds, Aerocity, in New Delhi. OnePlus 11 5G comes with the fastest performance of any OnePlus smartphone to date, 3rd Generation Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, and a purposeful and modern elegance design.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce OnePlus 11 5G with our community members and partners in New Delhi,” said Pete Lau, Founder of OnePlus, Senior Vice President and Chief of Product at OPPO and OnePlus, “With an improved fast and smooth experience, effortless imaging, and modern elegance design, OnePlus 11 5G is definitely a well-rounded flagship that is competitive at its price point.”

Extreme Fast and Smooth Experience That Lasts
OnePlus 11 5G is powered by the latest Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform with up to 16GB LPDDR5X RAM and up to 256GB ROM with UFS 4.0 to ensure maximum power with greater efficiency, wider bandwidth and improved read and write speeds. To further bolster performance, OnePlus 11 5G comes with RAM-Vita, OnePlus’s own machine learning technology involves CPU bandwidth acceleration, background application compression, AI RAM allocation, and dedicated RAM assignment. All of this combined means OnePlus 11 5G with 16GB RAM can keep as many as 44 applications active in the background, reducing app kills or forced restarts.

In addition, OnePlus 11 5G is the first Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 device to be approved as Snapdragon Spaces™ Ready. It is the entrance for developers to bring their XR ideas to life and to explore the full potential of wearable AR.

OnePlus 11 5G has been built to provide a fast and smooth experience that lasts. As well as being the first OnePlus device that will receive four major OxygenOS updates and five years of security updates, it has also received a TÜV SÜD 48-month Fluency Rating A for its long-term system fluency. It is also certified by SGS Perceived Fluency A+ for its system fluency.

Hardware-enabled Ray Tracing
OnePlus 11 5G will also be one of the first phones to support hardware-enabled ray tracing thanks to its powerful Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform. And to give users the chance to enjoy ray tracing technology on their phone, OnePlus will be offering a 3D dynamic live wallpaper app called PhysRay Wallpaper to download on their new OnePlus 11 5G. This app contains four different wallpapers called Vitality of Light, Matrix, Candyverse, and Oceanfront.

Unlike traditional static wallpaper, the PhysRay wallpapers render light in real-time, making the displayed object’s shadow, reflection and refraction more vivid and realistic. Users can slide, swipe or click on the phone to show different animation effects and achieve real-time interaction with the live wallpaper.

Fast Charging and Cryo-Velocity VC Cooling System

With support for 100W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition, OnePlus 11 5G allows you to spend less time tethered to an outlet and more time using the device the way you want to. OnePlus 11 5G takes only 25 minutes to charge from 1% to 100% battery capacity courtesy of its 100W SUPERVOOC fast-charging technology.

To help give users peace of mind when charging, OnePlus 11 5G also features the innovative Battery Health Engine (BHE), making its charging system safer and more efficient. Meanwhile, OnePlus 11 5G also has a TÜV Rheinland Certification for Safe Charging and Usage after stringent tests including real-time temperature monitoring in all aspects of charging, drop tests, pressure and compression tests, operation in high and low temperatures, and operation in dry and humid, dusty environments.

OnePlus 11 5G also features a new Cryo-velocity VC Cooling System to remove any overheating worries during prolonged gameplay and heavy use. The cooling system has a 3685 mm2 VC area, 5673 mm3 crystalline-graphene in the mid-frame layer, and a dedicated layer of crystalline-graphene for the display to significantly increase heat dissipation capability.

Vibrant Display, Impeccable Sound

OnePlus 11 5G sports a 6.7-inch 2K 120Hz Super Fluid AMOLED Display with LTPO 3.0. LTPO 3.0 is a self-developed technology that saves energy and adapts refresh rates according to the specific use, ensuring touch response and accuracy, and power efficiency. Additionally, OnePlus 11 5G is certified by TÜV SÜD Precise Touching S Rating and SGS Low Blue Light Ex.

Furthermore, OnePlus 11 5G is one of the first Android smartphones to be transformed by Dolby Vision to elevate every mobile experience with stunning picture that brings your on-the-go entertainment to life. OnePlus 11 5G is also equipped with the Dual “Reality” Speakers and support Dolby Atmos, which takes the audio experience to a new level, both via onboard speakers or Bluetooth headphones.

Effortless Imaging with the 3rd Gen Hasselblad Camera for Mobile

OnePlus 11 5G has a powerful and balanced camera setup designed to accurately record each of life’s milestones at every angle – capturing everything the eyes can see.

It is fitted with a “three-main-sensor” triple camera system. At the core of the camera setup is a 50MP IMX890 sensor, chosen particularly for capturing wide dynamic range images, with an optical image stabilizer (OIS) for steady shots. The main camera allows for more light intake and lets users capture brighter and sharper images and record videos in low-lit and backlit environments. Supplementing the main camera are a 115° 48MP ultra-wide camera, which ensures users get wide photos with absolute clarity, and an IMX709 32MP portrait lens, helping users capture stunning DSLR-like portraits.

OnePlus recently tested the portrait capabilities of the OnePlus 11 by challenging one of the UK’s best photographers to take portraits of the residents of Knoydart, the UK’s most remote village, without leaving his studio in London. Matt Porteous took control of a OnePlus 11 as it flew across the highlands of Scotland capturing unforgettable images of the Knoydart community and the heartstopping landscapes on their doorsteps. To see more, watch the YouTube video here

Additionally, OnePlus 11 5G is equipped with the latest iteration of TurboRAW HDR, OnePlus’s own algorithm for High Dynamic Range (HDR), to help to capture scenes with pristine HDR clarity of wide dynamic range.

OnePlus and Hasselblad Collaboration

The collaboration between OnePlus and Hasselblad continues with the OnePlus 11 5G. The brand new Natural Colour Calibration with Hasselblad feature on OnePlus 11 5G delivers industry-leading colour science. Moreover, a 13-channel multi-spectral sensor for light-color identification has been introduced on OnePlus 11 5G for wider spectral analysis of light.

The Hasselblad Portrait Mode helps users to easily shoot images with almost DSLR-like depth-tracking, natural bokeh, and light flare effects. Benchmarked against exacting Hasselblad optical standards to achieve portraits in perfection, the result simulates stunning professional portraits captured by an actual Hasselblad camera fitted with XCD 30mm and 65mm lenses.

Intelligent Software

OnePlus 11 5G and OxygenOS 13 also boast intuitive AI capabilities that learn from users’ habits to be able to anticipate certain actions moving forward. This includes the HyperBoost Gaming Engine, whose machine learning GPA frame rate stabilization 4.0 technology actively learns and adapts to the user’s gameplay.

With an industry-leading 1Hz AOD, OnePlus 11 5G consumes 30% less power compared with typical 30Hz AOD. This lets users access frequently opened applications, other widgets and information, while not having to worry about depleting the phone’s battery.

Modern Elegance Design

Designed specifically for those who desire to be different, OnePlus 11 5G adopts a bold, loud, confident, and shiny “modern elegance” design. It is a continuity and evolution of the OnePlus 10 Pro’s design to deliver the OnePlus classic simple, elegant, and purposeful design philosophy. OnePlus 11 5G has a K-shape curve along the camera decor which make the module more vivid with the flow of light.

OnePlus 11 5G comes In two colours – the calm Titan Black and the rousing Eternal Green, respectively inspired by the black hole in the universe and by the shades of the rainforest at dusk. Both colors are meant to bring out “rawness”.

By utilizing the Matte Frosted Glass, the Titan Black version delivers an irresistibly smooth, soft but sturdy hand-held feeling. With a multi-layering of glass, the Eternal Green version adopts the purposeful design of OnePlus to successfully combining a brand-new dusk green color and internal layering treatment. The design ensures high resistance to sweat and fingerprint stains.

With purposeful design in mind, OnePlus puts much attention in engineering every exterior piece to specifically ensure a smooth transition between the Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® and midframe, which improves feel-in-hand by nearly eliminating any bumps between parting lines.

Availability and Price

In the UK, the OnePlus 11 5G will go on sale on 16 February at 9AM UK time at and Amazon. The device will retail at £729 for the 8+128GB variant and £799 for the 16+256GB variant. The OnePlus 11 5G Eternal Green 8GB+128GB will be available exclusively via Amazon for £729.
Plus all customers who pre-order the OnePlus 11 will receive a free gift, including a Bang & Olufsen Speaker or a pair of OnePlus Buds Pro 2. T&Cs apply.

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