Preserving battery life on your smartphone

Preserving battery life on your smartphone

As you’ll have no doubt seen here at Coolsmartphone, there’s a definite increase in powerful gaming phones of late. They’re brilliant. There’s enhanced graphics capabilities, a number of faster processors and bigger, faster-charging batteries. However, if you’re trying to play a game on your phone which is both graphic and CPU intensive, you’ll be battling with that age-old problem of battery life.

Preserving battery life on your smartphone

So, if you’re enjoying a first-person shooter like PUBG Mobile, you’re spending time on a time-killing puzzle game like Holedown, you’re playing one of the readily-available slots that are now mobile friendly, or you’re looking to crack one of the mind-puzzles that are becoming increasingly popular – you might also be keeping an eye on that battery meter. If that’s you, and you don’t want to stop playing games on your mobile or you’re simply fed up of having the phone cut off at that critical moment, we’ve got some handy tips.

Preserving battery life on your smartphone

1 – Go into the Settings on your phone and find “Battery”. Depending on the version of Android on your phone, you may find some different battery modes. These are usual pre-set tweaks that will disable or alter certain parts of your phone to help it sip battery instead of gulp it.

2 – Not got that? Don’t worry, you can do it yourself. First of all, ensure that GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth is disabled.

3 – You might just want to hit the “Flight Mode” option as an alternative to the above, but this will stop calls coming in and mobile data being used. The latter might be required by the game you’re playing so give it a try and see what happens.

4 – Screen brightness. In a mobile store the smartphones will all have this cranked up to the maximum setting, but in real life the “screen on” time and the brightness level has a big impact on battery life. Try tweaking it down manually, because the “auto” setting will crank it up as high as it’ll go – especially in the daylight.

5 – Close unused apps. Again, you might have a management app on your phone to do this, but if you go into Settings -> Apps there’s the option to kill apps which are running in the background – sipping away at your battery without you necessarily knowing about it.

Preserving battery life on your smartphone

6 – Carry a portable battery pack! Sure, I know it’s a bit of an obvious answer, but we’ve reviewed stacks of these here at Coolsmartphone and they’re super-useful, especially when you’re away from the nearest USB port. You’ll need the cable for your phone too.

Preserving battery life on your smartphone

7 – If you’re near a laptop or TV, pinch the USB port to keep your phone going. It might be the fastest charge in the world, but it will at least keep your phone ticking along so that you can play your favourite game for longer.

There are a number of different ways to save battery, some are more mainstream than others. As the smartphone world becomes more and more developed, and technology advances – the requirement for a longer-lasting battery is one that is essential to users of devices around the world. Manufacturers are constantly competing to draw user attention towards enhanced battery life, but until such a day that battery life is truely enhanced, it’s certainly worth looking at what you can do as a user, to combat the issues at hand. Given using the phone less isn’t a viable option, hopefully the above hints can help you get that additional hour or two out of the games you enjoy playing.

If you’ve got some hints and tips that we’ve missed off, do let me know!

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